Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today was the gymnastrada competition..
To all the blurrrr people..
Gymnastrada is a senamrobic-modern dance competition ONLY hosted by SMK Infant Jesus Convent~! ^^

It's a tradition~! Starting of the year, classes plans the choreography, the songs, costumes..
and EVERY PJ period, we'll go down and learn steps~!
And nearing the competition, gals are begging teachers to let them use their period to dance!
(same here XD)
The field are crowded with classes practicing!
It's like Sports Day~!!
You can't imagine it! You can't even study cuz d songs are so loud!
And my class is just at the field =.=''

The day be4 the upper-form competition,
(btw, the lower-form overall winner is 3 Jingga. WOW~! They're so uniform!)
Anywayz, we were'nt allowed to practice cuz of d stupid pidato competition in the hall.

The Form 5 were SOOO desperate~!
5 Sc 1 n 2 shut their classroom doors n windows n posted 'DO NOT OPEN 10Q' signs on the doors!
=.='' So desperate, huh..
Anywayz, our class were just as desperate..
Our Bio teacher was SOOO kind that she let us practice in the lab.
(with the doors n windows closed, of course =.='')

After school, we WALKED alllll the way to Dataran to practice till 5~!(the only ones)
(still the stupid rule about not being able to practice at the field)

Anywayz, today WE MADE HISTORY~!!
The announcer was making us feel such awful suspense!
' Dan Johan Gymnastrada 2009 ialah.... 4! SAINS! 1~~"

The school trembled siall~!!
OMG OMG~! We were jumping around like mad gals n screaming and crying and hugging!
After 3 months of practice endlessly and tirelessly, our efforts paid off! O.O
Hey, I don't get dark for nothing~! ^^

When you go around, everybody congratulates you!
Gymnastrada is so important that they'll remember the winner for the rest of the year.. and maybe years to come!
It's more important than ANYTHING~!

ANd when we when back to class, we were so pumped with adereline that we can't stop yelling! WE ROCK!

=-= Ann -=-

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've gained yet another lesson of life..
Learning to be compassionate..
Today, I've participated in a blood donating programme at Tesco..
I walked around, holding posters, asking people to donate blood.
At first, the result was very disappointing, they just ignored me.
But I still persevered and I smiled and nodded.
After some time, results rolled in.
Many people were interested and I feel like I've done something good and charitable.
After that, I went to help at the counter.
There, blood donaters were given a cup of Milo, a certificate acknowlodging his or her help, a badge as a souvenier and a bag containing of bread, water packets and an apple as compliments for their donation.
I was touched when a person refused the bag of food, saying, "I think some people out there needs it more than I do."
He was referring to the victims of earthquake that struck Shezuan and Myanmar.
Some people felt weak and nearly fainted after donating a pint of blood. One of them smiled and said, "I've saved at least a life, and that's the least I could do now."
In a short duration of time, 82 people had volunteered to donate blood.
We were very touched and we thoroughly respect them.
Thank you for your donation! ^^

Friday, May 23, 2008


Exams.. Finally over!!
Hahaha!! XD
I'm so very very happy happy... ^^

But the holidays has come..
What devestating news... NOT! >V<
What am I going to do during the two-week holidays?

I don't know..
I think I'm gonna start writing.. After all, it's my passion.. XD
Await my story.. XD

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've got so much to update here.. XD

Firstly, I don't know why i wrote tat entry.. the 'Love' entry..
Something juz got into me..

Secondly, I got asked to a party...
with lynn! >V<
I can feel that our friendship's growing stronger and I'm so happy!!
She's like my best fren + advisor + my mother + my loving sister + my place for me to lean on.. !!
I love u!! <3

Thirdly, exam's finally came up..
And of course.. I didn't study at ALLL! T_T
So regretful.. I know that I MUST start studying now but I juz can't help myself from watching TV, logging on to the PC and playing Monopoly for 3 hours..

Fourthly, I got news that someone likes me..
And I'm so devestated..!! Cuz its not the person I like.. >.<
But he starts to notice me more, or maybe it's only me imagining things..

Fifthly, I got a new haircut..
I straightened it, and juz cut the front / fringe..
And it looks much longer.. XD

Sixthly, I got an affectionate spot for my nephew who likes to cry cry, cry AND cry the whole day..
But he's quite adorable.. when he's not making noise.. >.<
He knows how to flip over now and his neck is stronger..
Btw.. when i mentioned cry, I meant 24-7..

Seventhly, I juz found out that Sandra's boyfren is not that bad at all..
Maybe he's not such a playboy...
It's juz that he doesn't seem so bad when I went to the party..
Hmm.. maybe she'll accept him sometime..

Eighthly, Lynn's writing a story..
In it she includes me (of course.. I'm her best fren!) , Choco, Iv** and Rola**, Sandra, Thom**, and Sarah..
The plot is so lovey-dovey...
And instead of changing the plot, Lynn actually changes the character if the plot doesn't match with it.. ==''

Ninthly, I want to thank all my friends at SMK Tun Mutahir for helping me ease all the difficulties I faced when in school..
I really love u guys!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


What is the meaning of love?

A lot of teenagers claim that they are in love.

They do things like sending flowers, cards... They seem awkward when the one they like is near, doing silly things, getting clumsy..

But how do u know when u really are in love??!

Am I in love? Are you? If love is so beautiful as so many people claims, then WHY does it hurts so much?

Is it better off without love?

Is it worth it when you're in love?

Is it worth it if u know that the one u like is going to reject u but u do simple things to attract his attention, and your love gets deeper..

And in time, u are unable to escape from the clutches of Love, the reason so many teenagers run away from home, commit suicide, gets depression..

Is it worth it to break up and commit suicide, carrying only the memoirs of the sweet times u were together off the face of earth?

Love.. a confusing, sweet but also bitter phase of life..

The times we are together brings me happiness, making me feel at heaven, but now, without you, the memory of us together.. Crushes me, weakens me, as though nothing else in the world matter anymore.. I can't forget u, but I have to move on, I tried, but failed... The tears I shed when u left.. I shall cherish our memories, those wonderful times...